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ic 1Currently, about 250 religious organizations in the United States refer to themselves as independent Catholic churches. These churches are very diverse, ranging from those with only one or two clergy and no parishioners to those like the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA), which has established congregations and a national church.

Lay persons of CACINA, as is often the case in independent Catholic churches, are actively involved in the governance of CACINA at the local, diocesan, and national levels. Parish financial and administrative matters are handled exclusively by the laity.

ic 2Independent Catholic churches also vary in their approaches to ordination. CACINA has maintained a painstaking selection and preparation process for its clergy. Many of CACINA clergy are trained in nationally accredited seminaries, while others complete three years of closely directed study and pass a rigorous, independently scored comprehensive examination. All CACINA clergy give of their time without financial compensation and remain involved in active ministries unless temporarily excused because of life circumstances. Click here to find out more about VOCATIONS in CACINA